The Estremoz is a white colored marble with a prominent position in Portugal. The Estremoz marble presents a quite uniform background with a medium grain structure, considerable hardness and a slight brownish veins. It may also present some occasional light pink / brown colored areas. This is the most important marble in Portugal, with a strong position in the market.

The Estremoz marble presents today several variation, due to the advanced extraction stage of its quarries, which present more and more darker veins and elements. Nonetheless, the most important variations of this white marble today are:
Estremoz White First: the most common type, with a slight grey color tone, very delicate vein and a well-defined white background. This is the top selection, more exclusive.
Estremoz White Venato: displaying more vein than the First, this variation is known for its beautiful veins, which can show a red to pink color tone.
Estremoz White Commercial: the most abundant type these days, the Estremoz White Commercial is the most affordable, but also the ones presenting stronger darker and irregular vein.


  • Estremoz White marble

    Estremoz White marble - First

  • Estremoz White marble - Arabescato

  • Estremoz White Statuario

    Estremoz White marble - Statuario

  • Estremoz White marble - Blue

Extraction Area

The Estremoz White marble is extracted around the city of Estremoz, which is located in the Southeastern part of Portugal, in the region of Alentejo. Estremoz is located quite close to the border with Spain, and about 170kms east of Lisbon.

The quarries where the Estremoz marble is extracted are on advanced age and are considered very deep in terms of extraction. These are mature quarries that have dozens of years of regular extraction.