• Estremoz White marble

    Estremoz White marble

  • Estremoz marble production

    Estremoz marble production

  • Estremoz marble First selection
    Final Product

    Estremoz White First marble slabs

  • Estremoz marble tiles
    Finished Product

    Estremoz marble tiles

Estremoz White marble

The Estremoz White is a white colored marble from Portugal, which is the main reference marble in Portugal and a well-known marble internationally. It shows a consistent white colored background, with medium grain structure. Its main variations will depend on the amount of darker colored veins, which can be predominant on its surface. This is a popular marble that is used on all sorts of applications like stoneworkcladdingflooring and much more.

This marble is mostly supplied as block to China or Italy, but also as slabs to the Middle East and Europe markets. There is some demand for tiles and cut-to-size for specific projects.


Estremoz marble polished
Estremoz marble honed
Estremoz White bush-hammered
Estremoz marble sandblasted