Estremoz White marble commercial names

The Estremoz White marble is a historical natural stone from Portugal that has been extracted for dozens of years. Today, it is common to find this marble on several historical buildings in Portugal, as well as in other parts of the world. Today, it is also common to find this marble in the market with different denominations or names, such as:

Estremoz marble wall coverings

Estremoz Marble

This is by far the most popular name for this marble, also the most common name used in Portugal. It simply identifies as the marble from the Estremoz area, which is the main area where this marble is extracted.

Estremoz White

After Estremoz marble, this is perhaps the most identifiable name, referring to the area where it is extracted but also highlight the color. This name is known worldwide.

Marmore Estremoz

This is the Portuguese name of the Estremoz marble, where Marmore is the Portuguese translation for marble. It is commonly used in Portugal.

Aurora Blue

A less common commercial, the Aurora Blue takes inspiration from pink marble called Rosa Aurora, another well-known Portuguese marble. Instead of Rosa, we have the blue, coming together into a Aurora Blue.

Blanco Ibiza Portugal

Direct alternative to the Turkish Mugla White, also known as Bianco Ibiza marble, or Blanco Ibiza marble. It is a name to compete directly with this marble from Turkey.